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Because our lifetime warranty backs everything our NARI certified builders and designers do, you can rest easy knowing you’re getting a custom modern kitchen design that you and your family will enjoy for many years.

Absolutely No Mess and No Stress
Done in 7 Days or Less, Guaranteed!
Lifetime Workmanship Guarantee

We are 100% DIFFERENT than all the other remodeling
contractors in Charlotte.

During our 10 years as remodeling contractors, we’ve learned that people hate how long kitchen remodels take. Here’s a challenge for you, I want you to stay out of your kitchen for the weekend. Now imagine it being a construction zone for 8 weeks or longer; that’s the average time other contractors take to remodel a kitchen – it just doesn’t make sense. That’s why our 7 Day remodeling process is at least 1,000 times better kitchen renovation experience  than the others.

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Imagine getting all of this
in just 7 short days:

  • Brand New Modern Kitchen Cabinets in New Stylish Colors
  • Brand New Gorgeous Maintenance-free Quartz Countertop
  • Brand New Beautiful Tile Backsplash
  • Brand New Modern Stainless Steel or Farmhouse Sink
  • Brand New Sleek Sink Faucet and Disposal with Air Switch
  • Brand New Luxury Plank Flooring in New Modern Colors
  • Brand New Lighting Fixtures and Undercabinet LED Lighting
  • and Brand New Kitchen Paint to top it all off!

Its more Affordable than you think!

What our clients say...

“Hired Barry and his group to do our kitchen remodel. They did an absolutely incredible job.

Helped us through the design process by going over what would and wouldn’t work, stuck tightly to the timeline provided, and arrived at the cost quoted. Would absolutely use them again. “

Ryan M

Turn to 7 Day Kitchens for Exceptional Kitchen Remodeling Services in 7 Days or Less, Guaranteed!

Trying to find the best renovation company in Charlotte to remodel your kitchen can be overwhelming and stressful. Thankfully, by offering some of the finest products in the industry and focusing on customer satisfaction as our top priority, 7 Day Kitchens makes it so easy. So if you are in need of a new clean modern kitchen in the Charlotte area, please reach out to us. You will hear back from us within 24 hours because you deserve it.

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You’ll Appreciate Our
Stress-Free, Clean, and
Customized 7-Day Kitchen Remodel Experience.

7 Day Kitchens has provided top-quality remodeling solutions for over 10 years, so partnering with us ensures you are working with a company that has the knowledge and experience to complete your kitchen remodeling project perfectly. There are many reasons why we are at the top of the list of kitchen remodeling contractors in the greater Charlotte area.

Let's Get Started Working Together

Because our lifetime warranty backs everything our NARI certified builders and designers do, you can rest easy knowing you’re getting a clean modern custom kitchen design that you and your family will enjoy for many years.

7 Day Kitchen Remodeling of Charlotte, No Mess. No Stress. Done in 7 Days or Less. Guaranteed! You get the same kitchen, for the same price in a matter of days.

Afterall, who can live without a kitchen for months? No one who wants to live in a dirty, dusty construction zone for months? No one.
No one has time for that craziness. Life’s just too short. Right!

We cut through the inefficiencies to make your dream kitchen happen in 7 days or less! You don’t have to be the next American Remodel Horror Story in your neighborhood.

Your kitchen is more than just the “heart of the home”. It’s where you cook, clean (endlessly, we know) and make memories with your family and friends. We all dream of a magazine-worthy kitchen we can look forward to spending time in every day, but if you’re anything like most of our clients and friends, you’re probably worried it will…

  • Take way too long.
  • Be incredibly messy.
  • Be far too stressful.
  • Cost way too much.
  • Leave you utterly disappointed.

We get it – we’ve heard our fair share of home renovation horror stories. Homeowners are left living in dust and debris for months after being told their kitchen remodel will “only take a 6 to 8 weeks to complete”.

Well, guess what folks, it does NOT have to be this way. If you want the job done by a kitchen remodeling contractor who stands behind their word and makes real tangible guarantees, then you need better than the average. You need a professional local remodeling team that’s fast, affordable and passionate. You need 7Day Kitchens!


The 7 Day Kitchens Difference

We’re FAST

And, NO, speed doesn’t have to compromise quality. When you work with remodelers with 30 years’ experience, you get: Speed AND quality, because we are incredibly efficient from all the years we have under our tool belt. In fact, we’re the only kitchen remodeling company in the Charlotte area that sees the whole project through from day-one to done in just 7 days or less – without leaving you with a distressing mess or something that looks like it belongs in a “world’s worst remodel experience” article.

We’re Clean

Call us pedantic, but we hate mess. That might sound strange coming from remodeling contractors, but like we said – we’re not your average kitchen remodelers. Through meticulous planning and obsessive attention to detail, our highly experienced installation veterans (with 30+ years of experience…) will make sure you’re left with a pristine kitchen cut straight out of Vanity Fair. Or Elle. Or Vogue. All of which you can line your gorgeous new counters with.

It’s Stress-Free: Life is stressful enough as it is, and you don’t need to add a mountain of dust, delays, and shady subcontractors to that list. As unique Charlotte kitchen contractors, we pride ourselves on a 100% stress-free process; you get on with your life, and you’ll be cooking your favorite meal in your new kitchen before you can say…where’s my latest issue of Vogue?

We’re Experienced

We’ve learned a thing or two about building kitchens over the past decade. First of all, we know people hate being left hanging in a cloud of dust and uncertainty, waiting for their remodel to be completed.

Imagine living in a construction site for 6-8 weeks (or more) with unkempt contractors traipsing in and out of your house. In fact, we spoke to one lady whosekitchen remodel took 9 months.

That’s a whole pregnancy, but instead of a baby, she got a subpar kitchen 40 weeks just couldn’t justify. Long story short, that’s why we do things differently.


There’s a reason they call it a dream kitchen – it doesn’t exist yet. If you can’t find the exact image from any magazines of how you want your kitchen to look, tell us what it looks like. Tell us what it feels like.

From the exotic countertop to the built-in fridge and beautiful tiled backsplashes, ournew kitchens are 100% tailored to YOU. Our local remodeling team is polite, punctual, and pretty darn good at what they do.

Because delivering the best starts with hiring the best – people who respect you, your home, and your timeas much as you deserve.

We’re AFFORDABLE: You won’t catch us chasing you about with clipboards trying to get deposits and draws. You get 100% of our attention until your project is complete, and only when you’re beaming from ear to rear will we request payment. In fact, our Charlotte kitchen contractors only work on one job at a time. Becausewhat contractor can possibly juggle 10 remodels at once? It’s just not in our frame of reference.

We Offer A GUARANTEE: We’re so confident in the speed, quality, and beauty of the kitchens we build, we’ll throw in a LIFETIME WORKMANSHIP GUARANTEE on top of that gorgeous newcountertop. In other words, if any issues arise once we vacate the premises, we’ll U-turn and fix it. Can any other kitchen remodelers near you say that?

We’ve said it once (ok, twice) but we’ll say it again. We are not your average kitchen remodeling company in the Charlotte area.Let your friends and family try to understand how you remodeled your entire kitchen in just 7 days (Seriously. Have them over for dinner on Friday, then the next Friday when we’re done). Most importantly, prepare to make endless memories in the kitchen you’ve been dreaming of day and night for as long as you can remember.

P.S. You don’t have to take our word for how awesome our local remodeling team is. We know how tough it can be to make a decision as big as a kitchen remodel contractor, so let’s see if these folks can give you even more confidence in 7 Day Kitchens.

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