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Love my remodel. The team was great to work with from start to finish. Wish I had done this sooner.

Isabelle Hames

Great concept...couldn't believe we could have a whole new fully functioning kitchen in a week, but we did. Nicest people to work with, caring, took good care of my hardwood floors and were very TIDY! Barry's crew were all so nice to work with and all knew what they were doing. They became like family! No was actually fun! I recommend this group 100%.

Glenda Hallam

Barry with 7 Day Kitchens was a pleasure to work with and was there for us in a pinch. He had strong communication throughout the process, his team showed up on time and they did great work. The gentleman who installed our cabinets was personable, knowledgeable, and delivered within our deadline. I highly recommend Barry and his team to future homeowners.

Karina Hopping

During my full kitchen remodel in Belmont, Barry Gant was on site, on time and on budget with the quality of the work being exceptional. He has developed a professional quality team he works with and all exceeded expectations. It all started with excellent assistance from Michael and Tiffany in the layout and design process. Larry, the installer/master carpenter extraordinaire, did a fantastic job. When I saw there was a 7 Day Kitchen Remodel I thought it couldn’t be true. But it was! After meeting Barry, my gut trusted him but my mind said it was impossible. My wife was even more skeptical. In 7 days, I believed, the work could not be of any quality and there was no chance of finishing on time. I contacted references and still did not believe it could be done. I figured if it was done in three or four weeks it would be a win. I went with my gut and I am glad I did. What a professional. All I can say is get in line and hope Barry can fit you into his schedule. His system, concept and commitment to quality are for real.

David Bogie

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