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Is It Time to Plan Your Charlotte, North Carolina Kitchen Remodeling Project?

Maybe you’ve recently purchased a new home and in the process of using your new kitchen, you’ve discovered all of the things you wish were different. Or after raising a family and watching the years of the regular wear and tear of everyday life start to wear down your cabinets and countertops, you’ve started to realize that it’s time for your kitchen to get a little refresh. Or maybe you’ve found yourself scrolling through inspiration boards with new kitchens and the coolest kitchen gadgets so many times that you decide to take the plunge and look up “kitchen remodeling near me” and get the ball rolling on the project of making your kitchen exactly what you dream it could be.

However you ended up here, we know that researching the best way to act on your kitchen renovation ideas may have already left you feeling discouraged and overwhelmed. Once you move from dreaming about a project to actually trying to plan it and make things happen, reality sets in and you can find yourself with a list of questions longer than your original list of ideas. It feels like there are so many things that have to be addressed before you can start on your remodeling project.

A few of the questions you may have run up against are:

  • What is the average kitchen remodeling cost and can I afford it?
  • How do I find a reliable kitchen contractor near me?
  • Is there any way to do a fast kitchen renovation so I’m not kitchen-less for months?
  • How can I get high-quality kitchen cabinets that won’t break the budget?
  • Does a remodel include additional upgrades like new kitchen floors and kitchen light fixtures?

Most kitchen remodel contractors have a long waitlist and an equally long process, beginning their demolition right away once the contract is signed and leaving you vulnerable to delays caused by shipping issues, supply shortages, design disagreements, going over budget, or a myriad of other problems that can make a kitchen remodel stressful. Even well-respected kitchen remodeling companies tend to have a long process and require patience to make it from the point you initiate the process until everything is finally complete and you can use your kitchen again.

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Do You Really Need a Kitchen Renovation in Charlotte, North Carolina?

An easy way to fix all of these issues and just move on with your life is to do a DIY small kitchen makeover. Perhaps you could paint your cabinets and install some new hardware, or spend a bit more and purchase a new refrigerator, stove, or dishwasher. Maybe all you need is a portable kitchen island kit from a local furniture store. Ask yourself if your kitchen remodel ideas are all cosmetic and simple fixes like those, and if the answer is yes then great! You now have peace of mind and a great starting point. Be sure to pick a paint color that goes with the color scheme in the rest of your house!

But if you’re looking for a real kitchen renovation, cabinets, flooring, paint, appliances, stone kitchen countertops (quartz, granite, or marble), and more, it’s time to start researching high quality kitchen contractors. Whether your kitchen is large or small, there are always improvements to be made, layouts to be changed, and customizations that will make your life easier (and that will finally give you a spot to keep all those pots and pans). So where do you start? Should you try to answer all of those questions you have scribbled down on your notepad? Or start booking consultations with contractors to find the best one?

Before searching “best kitchen remodelers near me,” and putting yourself through the sometimes confusing and pressure-filled process of selecting a contractor from the massive list on Google, we suggest you pause for a moment and consider the 7 day kitchen remodel offered by our team at 7 Day Kitchens.

Here’s a brief overview:

A design consultant meets with you in your home for a 90-minute consultation, after which they create a 3D model for you to be able to see exactly what you’ll be getting. All this is based on the things you choose in the consultation, not just what we think is best.

Once you’ve decided that everything is what you want and you’ve signed the contract, your designer works together with the builder to order all materials and look at setting a timeline for the project to start. Plans for demolition won’t begin until all cabinets, countertops, and materials have a confirmed delivery date so the crew can work without interruption or delay.
When all the materials have arrived, the NARI-certified builder and their crew demolish the old kitchen and begin the installation work. By the end of 7 days from the date that the crew starts their work, you’ll have a brand new kitchen with everything you picked with the designer, at exactly the budget agreed upon.

And that’s the whole process. With our 7 day kitchen remodel, you experience the least amount of inconvenience possible while receiving the same high-quality installation and remodel work from expert designers, builders, and crew. It doesn’t have to take months upon months or a long, drawn-out process.

We think that quick kitchen remodels can get you the best results with none of the typical process of demolition, waiting, installation, more waiting, and so on until the project is complete.

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So How Much Does a Charlotte, North Carolina Kitchen Renovation Cost?

If you’re online searching for “affordable kitchen remodel near me,” you’ve come to the right place. Because our crew spends less time on site, you’ll spend less in labor which gives you a bigger budget for the materials you want. And while we’d love to tell everyone exactly how much they can expect to spend on their kitchen remodels right from the start, the challenge is that a custom kitchen remodel comes with a custom kitchen remodel cost.

Maybe you’re ready to pull out all the stops and get exactly what you’ve been dreaming about since you first set foot into the space, and more. Your designer can advise you on what the best materials and convenient gadgets will be to give you everything you want without cutting any corners or sacrificing any detail.

Or perhaps you’re looking for a budget friendly kitchen remodel, in which case your designer can work with you on that also. For example, they might advise you to pick pre-built cabinets rather than custom cabinetry, or have you choose a manufactured flooring rather than tile. They’ll keep the whole picture in mind in order to help you be able to fit the entire remodel into your planned budget. Working with an experienced designer like this frees you up to dream without having to count the cost all on your own.

So rather than asking “how much is a kitchen remodel?” we encourage you to start thinking about your budget and how much you would be willing to spend. Or alternately, start writing out ideas of which materials and custom features are an absolute must and which ones you think you could be flexible with. If you’re absolutely set on purchasing luxurious granite countertops for your kitchen, tile backsplash may end up a little lower on your list of essentials. Or maybe installing the custom kitchen island means that you’ll sacrifice on the stone countertops.

For a kitchen remodel, cabinets are usually another high priority. In an ideal scenario, every install would include custom cabinets that fit into every inch of your space exactly how they were designed. And that’s definitely still on the table! However, purchasing a set of cabinets that are pre-built to standard industry specifications may work almost as well for your space and save you thousands of dollars in materials that can go toward something else you really want. If the work is done well, your next-door neighbor won’t know whether you chose the custom or the pre-built option.

Here at 7 Day Kitchens, we believe that kitchens are the heart of the home. This is the place where time is spent cooking nutritious (or just delicious) meals for your family, hunting up a snack to accompany those deep, midnight conversations with your teenager, or baking cookies and experimenting to perfect that amazing recipe you got from your grandmother. Because of all these things and so many more, we think that your kitchen is always worth the investment of a remodel to make it an even more perfect space for the memories you’re building in your home.

If your home is your castle and your kitchen is the heart of all that, we believe you should only select a contractor with the absolute highest standards of respect, integrity, and care. The final thing to keep in mind when you’re selecting a contractor or company to take on a remodel project in your home is their proof of work. Check their website for kitchen remodel pictures from their past projects and look for reviews from former clients who recommend the company you’re considering. Any high-quality business worth inviting into your home will have a history of happy clients. So ask yourself. Are they someone who you believe will do a good job and give your space the respect and love you want? If the answer is yes, then that’s who you should work with.

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About Us

7 Day Kitchens is a family-owned company in Charlotte, North Carolina. For our 10+ years of operation, we have followed the Golden Rule toward all our clients, treating every client with the highest levels of Honesty and Integrity. Our builders and designers are NARI certified and use the latest technology to design you an in-depth, 3D model of what your completed kitchen will look like before we begin any of the demolition, including a specific, detailed cost breakdown. Not only that, we will advise but always make sure you have the final say on every design choice so you’re getting the kitchen of your dreams.

Once the design and material choices are decided we order everything, working within your kitchen remodel budget, so that we can have all the materials prior to starting the remodel. This enables our expert team to give you a seamless and fast kitchen remodel and get you back into your space promptly.

If you are looking for a high-quality quick kitchen renovation that will leave you satisfied with your new space in 7 Days or less, contact our team today by calling us at 980-777-1777 or getting in touch with us on our website at 7daykitchens.com/contact.

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